Unofficial sountrack of CP

18 Aug

this is unofficial sountrack from coffee prince drama

TEARLINER – “아이들” (children)
JULIE LONDON – “Fly Me to the Moon”
DEPAPEPE – いい日だったね (ii hi datta ne / It was a good day)
LOVEHOLIC – “화분” (hwabun / flowerpot). Han Sung’s memories of Yu Ju.
BLUE KNIGHTS – “Red Night”
BLUE KNIGHTS – “Copacabana”

CASKER – “Mocha” (on OST). Han Sung and Yu Ju goofing around.
유희열 (Yoo Hee Yeol aka Toy) – “라디오천국” (radio cheon-guk / radio heaven)
현경과 영애 (Hyun Kyung and Young Ae) – “그리워라” (geu-ri-weo-ra / yearn). The vinyl song that both Han Gyul and Eun Chan’s father owned.
TEARLINER – “Novaless”
TEARLINER – “Regretto”
나윤선 (Na Yoon Seon ) – “그리고 별이 되다” (geu-ri-go byul-i dwe-da / and it becomes a star). Yu Ju sings this to Han Gyul over the phone.
TAKE THAT – “Back for Good.” Cafe, Han Gyul and Yu Ju.

CASKER – “바랜 고백” (Not in batch file)
“올챙이와 개구리” (tadpole and frog). This is the children’s song Eun Chan sings.
Tearliner – “밤나무빛슬픔” (Piano ver.오수경). Roughly translates to “sadness of the light of a chestnut tree”

Coffee Prince Ep. 4

Coffee Prince Ep. 6

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Coffee Prince Ep. 9

Coffee Prince Ep. 10

OST. Coffee prince  Click Here


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2 responses to “Unofficial sountrack of CP

  1. Jill

    October 26, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Thank you so much!
    The zshare files won’t download on the dramabeans site, and I REALLY wanted the “geu-ri-weo-ra / yearn” song. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!


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